How do I find my ferry?

You have the following search options:

1. Choose your departure harbours/island/country and/or travel destination in the search boxes in the middle of the screen. Please make at least one entry here. Whenever you make a choice, possible departure/arrival harbours appear in the other search fields. Should you make an incorrect entry, click on the red button. After the entry is finished, please press the green arrow; a table then appears with the travel connections. Click on the blue ship or info symbol to get further information (departure times and tariffs).

2. If you don’t know your destination or point of departure, reorient yourself to our maps. Click there on the detailed map and move the mouse over the harbours. For the small harbours you’ll need to use the zoom. To the left of the map you’ll find a question mark for further help if needed.

3. If you want to find a particular ferry operator, then use the search field on the left side of the screen to reach it.

4. If you already know your route and want to book it straight away, or make a price comparison between popular routes, then you can also go to the online booking tools directly.

How do I find detailed schedule and tariff information? 

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