Feribot: payment and cancellation conditions

Reservation conditions

a) According to the International Maritime Regulations, it is now mandatory, for reasons of safety, to state the following information when making your reservation: Surname, Name, gender, age category (adult / child / infant), nationality, date of birth and passport numbers. For the vehicles, the type of vehicle and plate number will be stated.
b) In case that during the reservation process, a cheaper passenger’s age category or vehicle category has been chosen, FERIBOT.NET reserves the right to withdraw the missing amount from the credit card indicated during the reservation procedure.
c) For reservations made less than 14 days before the outbound travel, payment will be required at the moment of reservation and a confirmation voucher will be issued immediately after acceptance of the payment.
d) For reservations made more than 14 days before the outbound travel, postponed payment will be proposed, a pre-booking voucher will be issued and a
reminder will be sent to the contact persons in due time.
In the event the payment is not issued by the given deadline (shown on the pre-booking voucher) the reservation will automatically be cancelled.
A confirmation voucher will be issued after final payment.
e) In both cases of direct or postponed payment, reservation amendments and cancellations will be possible until the deadline indicated on the voucher.
Beyond this deadline, amendments and cancellations will not be possible and cancellations will not be refunded.
f) Deadlines are :
- New reservations with direct payment : Up to 2 days before outbound sailing
- Cancellations : Up to 4 days before outbound sailing
- Postponed payments : Up to 10 days before outbound sailing
g) If traveler wishes to amend his/her reservation, this will be done by canceling the original reservation and making a new reservation. The cancelled reservation will be refunded in as long as this occurs within the deadlines above.

For any ticket amendments (any information about the passengers, sailing dates, vehicle category ) prior the departure date will be charged 5,- Euro per person/vehicle by our agency as service fee.

1. Pricing

a) The tariffs include sea passage for selected route only. Meals and beverages are not included. Whether port dues are included or not is being clearly stated for each route during the reservation process.
b) Passengers entitled to discounted fares (children and infants) are kindly requested to state it at the time of booking. Once the voucher will have been issued, no refunds are allowed for price differences.
c) Though infants travel free of charge (to a few exceptions), they must be stated during the reservation process and mentioned on the voucher.
d) For passengers with vehicles : please note that vehicles such as trailers and caravans are being considered and accounted for as separate vehicles.
e)Sales prices and prices on the tickets may not be the same as we sometimes handle as a third party for the ferry companies

2. Customers’ Responsibility

a) Passengers must report at the port offices for check-in at least one hour before departure. Otherwise, the ferry company reserves the right to cancel your reservation without any refund.
b) It is the traveler’s responsibility to ensure that his/her travel documents (passport, ID-card…) are conform to the Turkish and Greek custom’s regulations : validity, visa if required…
If you entered Turkey with a vehicle, you will not be allowed to leave Turkey - even for one day - without this vehicle unless you had it put in the customs at the nearest airport offering a customs service ! On the other hand, it is not allowed to cross borders (in either way) with a rental car.
For your information : when traveling to Turkey, most of the nationalities can buy a visa (3 months multiple entrances) at the Turkish ports. The price of this visa will depend on the citizenship of the traveler. Hence, if you need to buy a visa when entering Turkey, please make sure to queue at the “Visa Desk” before queuing for the border clearance.
c) Vehicle owners are responsible for their vehicle’s embarkation and disembarkation according to the ferry’s crew instructions. It is not allowed to sit in your vehicle during the ferry crossing.
d) Pets travel free of charge yet they are not allowed in indoor public areas. Pet owners are responsible for feeding and pet hygiene. Pet owners are required – as per both the Turkish and Greek regulations - to have their pet’s valid passport and health papers with them.
e) Passengers are responsible for complying with all Port, Health and Customs regulations. Passengers ought to comply with the ship’s captain and crew instructions regarding public order and safety on board.
f) Passengers must contact the captain or the staff captain should a complaint arise while on board. They may also contact the ferry company or the port authorities after the end of the journey.
g) In order to allow FERIBOT.NET to contact traveler as soon as a ferry cancellation or schedules amendment has been released and to offer possible alternatives, it is kindly requested to travelers to indicate a telephone number where he/she can be joined during his travel. Otherwise communication will be done by e-mail.
h) Due to strict border regulations in Turkey, we kindly inform our (non-Turkish) customers of the following items which are completely beyond our control and responsibility. Please read carefully and make sure that your travel documents are conform to these items so to avoid any problems at the borders.

Ensure that all members of your travel party are aware that
a) If they enter Turkey with a passport, they will have to leave Turkey with the same passport
b) If they enter Turkey with an ID-card, they will have to leave Turkey with the same ID-card AND the form stamped at the date of entrance. Without this form, exiting Turkey will not be allowed unless after having asked for a duplicate at the nearest police station !
A visa bought at any Turkish border gate is usually valid for 3 months (multiple entrance). Don’t leave Turkey after more than 3 months unless you arranged for an extension with a residence permit !

Travelers who entered Turkey with their car will have their car stamped in their passport. It is thus not possible to leave Turkey – from whatever gate – without that car ! Foreign cars may not stay longer than 179 days (thus less than 6 months) in Turkey !

Travelers whose child(ren) are registered in their passport may not leave the country without these children.

As it is completely and solely the responsibility of the traveler to check his travel documents (passport, ID-card, visa, tickets…) and if any of the above items is not respected / checked by the travelers, Anker Travel and the ferry company will accept NO responsibility and will not be held to assist these travelers ! Any fines that may occur due to these omissions will be at the sole charge of the customer and the concerned ferry tickets will be cancelled with NO refund !
It is also the responsibility of the traveler to contact the local relevant authorities in case any of his/her official documents have been lost or stolen.

3. FERIBOT.NET and the Ferry Companies Liability

a) It is FERIBOT.NET’s responsibility to follow-up the reservations made on-line and ensure that the information edited in this website are as accurate as possible.
b) FERIBOT.NET and the ferry companies concerned are not liable for any delay or cancellation resulting from deviation or from not keeping the scheduled route due to bad weather conditions, or orders by the Port Authorities or due to force majeure.
c) In the event of a case of force majeure or last minute schedule change which has been released to FERIBOT.NET, FERIBOT.NET will contact – if the traveler’s information is available – the concerned travelers in order to propose an alternative date or route.
These changes will only be possible by telephone or e-mail and will not be registered in the on-line reservation system.
d) Only in the case of force majeure and if the traveler does not accept the alternatives proposed by FERIBOT.NET, FERIBOT.NET will refund the total amount.
e) FERIBOT.NET nor the ferry companies will accept no responsibility as to any extra expenses which will/may occur due to delays or cancellation : extra catering, transfers, air-ferry tickets, accommodations…
f) FERIBOT.NET and the ferry company shall not be held liable in case of loss of money or valuables stored in cars, luggage or common areas.
g) Neither FERIBOT.NET, the ferry company nor the ferry are liable for any accident, loss or damage occurring prior to boarding, during loading and after disembarkation. It is strictly forbidden for passengers to carry firearms, explosives, flammables, combustibles and other dangerous substances or materials on board.

Unregistered belongings :
Belongings such as bicycles, wheelchairs, bulky luggage, buggies, surfboards… can be taken on all ferries free of charge and hence do not need to be registered.
Yet in order to inform the ferry company of these luggages, we kindly ask you to indicate any of these if you plan to travel with such items. This will also inform the ferry company whether extra help for embarkation may be required.

PETS: Passengers traveling with a pet must always have with them a recently updated health booklet and they are responsible for its care, security and hygiene. Every port has their own procedures so please contact us before making a reservation with pet.

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