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The worldwide ferry portal considers itself an independent online-platform for ferry tourism. The following reasons establish the uniqueness of
- With 6,960 routes of 800 operators in 142 coastal states around the world offers by far the largest amount of information about all ferry connections including car and passenger ferries in the whole world. The difference between and other ferry portals is the complete coverage of the worldwide ferry network.
- All routes are displayed in modern and interactive maps.
- Our high level of up-to-dateness is guaranteed by constant contact to all operators.
- Online booking opportunities for 275 operators with about 2,860 ferry lines are offered. No other ferry portal covers more bookable routes. is published in nine languages. mobile version went online 2014. is operated by marine netservices. Since they went online in the year 2004 the traffic has grown substantially. is member of the VFF Fährverband e.V.
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The World Travel Awards TM nominated as a World's Leading Ferry Website from 2010 to 2017.
UK TravelMole Web Award nominated as Best Cruise/Ferry Site 2014 to 2015.

Short description - the most comprehensive, up to date and worldwide ferry portal

Description - start your ferry trip with the most comprehensive, up-to-date and worldwide ferry portal offering comfortable and easy to use searching tools as well as online booking options. 

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- In Germany one of the 6,000 most important websites ("Web-Adressbuch since 2007 until 2015")
- " - they state you can find every ferry in Europe but as several of the ferries link to other continents it's pretty global. Amazingly easy to use and has saved us hours of searching! In several European Languages." (velomad)
- "Ultimately a well structured and comprehensible site!" (client)
- "Having recently visited your site I thought it was extremely helpful and user friendly." (client)
- "Ferrylines is a good starting point for information about ferry travel in the region" (lonely planet)
- "Of the ferry portal web sites, the one that has the most comprehensive list of options and regions, is It covers all the cross channel and North Sea services that you would expect, but also has details of all the ferry options around the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, and even Madeira, Azores, Canaries, and the Cape Verde islands." (Timesonline Travel)
- "Ferries: Un buen punto de partida informativo es Ferrylines." (lonely planet ES)
- "Other useful planning websites include and" (Telegraph Travel)
- "For an excellent overview of European ferry routes, see" (Sunday Times)

 References in several travel guides (Marco Polo, DuMont, Wiki Travel etc).


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