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Japan: naturally by ferry

Japan is one of the most mysterious countries in the world and swings between traditions and the modern age. Japan has exciting metropolises, such as Tokyo and Osaka, astonishing temples, impressive countryside, volcanoes, bears on Hokkaido in the north and tropical beach paradises, such as Okinawa, in the south.

The most important ports are Osaka, Kobe, Shimonoseki, Sakaiminato, Kagoshima, Naha and Hakodate.

Numerous ferry companies offer connections to and within Japan

Due to Japan’s island situation, ferrylines.com has mustered up 40 ferry companies in Japan. Just to name a few, long-distance domestic routes are being offered by Ocean Toyko Ferry, Ferry Sunflower and Shin Nihonkai Ferry, routes to Hokkaido by Tsugaru Kaikyo Ferry and MOL Ferry and to Okinawa by A Line und Marix Line. Countless smaller ferry companies connect the main islands Honshu, Shikokuh and Kyushu, as well as small islands off the coast. The following ferry companies run routes from Japan to South Korea: Camellia Line, Beetle Ferry, Kobee, Pan Star Cruise, DBC Cruise Ferry and Kampu Ferry; from Japan to China: Shanghai Ferry and China-Japan International Ferry (Orient Ferry ended 2015); and from Japan to Russia: DBS Cruise Ferry (Heart Land Ferry ended 2015).

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