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Book ferries to and from Japan, South Korea, China and Russia.

Find your ferry easily to Japan, South Korea, China and Russia

Book ferries to Japan online: Tokyo, Okinawa, Osaka, South Korea, China, Russia

The Sea of Japan or East Sea is located between Japan, South Korea, North Korea and Russia. The term, in a broader sense, also refers to the waters around Japan, which includes parts of the East China Sea.
These sea areas are accessible by many international ferry connections:

Japan - China, Japan - South Korea, Japan - Russia, South Korea - China and South Korea - Russia.

Numerous ferry companies connect the most important ports in the Sea of Japan

The ferry companies from Japan to South Korea are: Camellia Line, Beetle Ferry, Kobee, Pan Star Cruise, DBC Cruise Ferry and Kampu Ferry; from Japan to China: Shanghai Ferry and China-Japan International Ferry (Orient Ferry ends in 2015); from Japan to South Korea to Russia: DBS Cruise Ferry. South Korea is linked with China by numerous ferry companies: DainFerry, Dadong Ferry, Lyg CK Ferry, Weidong Ferry, Hanjung Ferry as well as others. The most important ports here are Osaka, Kobe, Shimonoseki, Sakaiminato, Busan, Incheon, Weihai and Shanghai.

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