Chartrier d'opérateur de ferries

Sur cette page, vous trouverez les noms des compagnies maritimes qui ont fermé, ont fusionné où ont changé leurs noms.

ACE link Sweden - Denmark closed down in 2010
Adriatic Seaways Italy - Greece closed down in 2005
Adriatica Traghetti Italy - Albania closed down in 2011
Agemar Italy - Albania closed down in 2010
Agoudimos Lines Italy - Greece, Greece local closed down in 2014
AirSea Lines Greece: Ionian Islands (air plane) operating 2006+2007
Alicost Italy: Ischia part of Alilauro
Alpha Ferries Greece local suspended 2009
Anedin Linjen Sweden - Åland Islands suspended 2012
Anen Lines Greece: Ionian Islands suspended 2008
AnRussTrans Russia: Baltic Sea; Black Sea only freight suspended 2012
AT Ferries Spain - England service only in 2006, owned by Acciona
AVE Line Latvia - Germany closed down in 2010
Azzurra Line Italy - Croatia/Montenegro/Albania suspended in 2010
Baltfinn Russia: St. Petersburg - Kaliningrad taken over by DFDS Lisco in 2007
Baltic Scandinavian Lines Estonia - Sweden taken over by DFDS in 2011
Boschwad Netherlands: Ameland - Schiermonnikoog suspended in 2006
Buquebus España Spain - Ceuta/Africa taken over by Balearia in 2008
C-Link Ferries Greece: Cyclades, Kriti suspended in 2005
Celtic Link France - Ireland taken over by Stena Line 2014
Clermont Germany: Wismar taken over by Adler Schiffe in 2010
CNAN Maghreb Lines Algeria - Spain/France no passenger service since 2007
Comanav Morocco - Spain/France operated by Comarit since 2010
Comarit Morocco - Spain closed down in 2012
Comarship - IMTC Morocco - Spain no passenger service since 2007
Commodore Cruises Slovenia/Croatia - Italy suspended in 2015
Cretan Lines Greece: Crete operation only 2012
Cunda Lines Turkey - Greece suspended in 2012
Dane Sea Line Greece local taken over by Blue Star Ferries 2005
Deniz Cruise & Ferry Lines Turkey local suspended in 2009
DFDS Lisco Germany - Lithuania - Sweden renamed DFDS Seaways in 2010
DimaioLines Italy: Sardinia formerly EnerMaR, service susp. 2010
Egnatia Seaways Italy - Greece suspended 2015
Elb-Link Germany: Cuxhaven-Brunsbüttel closed down in 2017
Emeraude Jersey Ferries France - Jersey Island closed down in 2006
Emilia Romagna Lines Italy - Croatia, Italy local closed down in 2013
EMMC Italy - Greece suspended in 2017
Endeavour Lines Greece - Italy closed down 2012
EneRmaR Trasporti Italy: La Maddalena ferry service by Maddalena Lines from 2014
Euroferries France - England closed down in 2011
EuroFerrys Morocco - Spain taken over by Acciona in 2010
European Sealines Greece - Italy, Italy local suspended in 2011
Fastnet Line Wales - Ireland closed down in 2011
Favret, Agenzia Italy - Slovenia - Croatia closed down in 2010
Fergün Shipping Northern Cyprus - Turkey closed down in 2013
Ferrimaroc Morocco - Spain taken over and closed by Acciona in 2010
FFR Troms/Finnmark Norway local part of Boreal Transport Norge (Veolia)
First Beirut Lines (OTLS) Italy - Lebanon bankrupt in 2005
Fosen Traffikklag Norway local merged with FosenNamsos Sjø in 2010
Fragline Ferries Greece - Italy suspended in 2007
Fylkesbaatane Norway local part of Fjord1 Nordvestlandske
Færgeselskabet Vestsjælland Denmark: Sjælland, Langeland, Fyn split into separate local operators in 2011
G Lines Italy - Albania suspended in 2008
G.A. Ferries Greece: Cyclades, Dodecanese, Sporades suspended in 2008
Garajonay Exprés Spain: Tenerife - La Gomera suspended in 2008, routes operated by Fred.Olsen until 2012
GLD Atlantique France - Spain since 2011 part of LD Lines
GLD Lines France - Italy suspended in 2009
GoInSardinia Italy: Sardinia suspended 2014, bankrupt 2015
Gotlandsbåten Sweden: Gotland suspended in 2017
GTT Ferries Tunisia - Libya suspended in 2011
HD Ferries France - Channel Islands suspended in 2008
Helgelandske Norway local part of Boreal Transport Norge (Veolia)
Hellas Speed Cat Greece: Sporades suspended in 2011
Hellenic Mediterranean Lines Greece - Italy taken over by Endeavour Lines 2006
HH Ferries Sweden - Denmark taken over by Scandlines/Stena Line in 2010, closed down 2015
Hoverspeed English Channel suspended in 2005
Ilion Lines Italy - Albania closed down in 2011
Intershipping Bulgaria - Georgia - Russia (Silklink) suspended in 2010
Ionis Ferries Greece: Saronic Islands taken over by Leve Ferries 2016
Irish Sea Express Dublin - Liverpool closed down in 2005
Iscomar Ferries Spain: Balearic Islands closed down in 2016
Italian Ferries Italy - Greece closed down in 2005
Italtrag Italy: Livorno - Sardinia suspended in 2009
Kallisti Ferries Greece: Ikaria, Samos suspended in 2010
Kattegatruten Denmark: Aarhus-Kalundborg suspended in 2013
Kosova Sealines Italy - Albania suspended in 2007
Kystekspressen Norway local merged with FosenNamsos in 2013
KystLink Norway - Denmark - Sweden suspended in 2009
Larivera Lines Italy - Croatia suspended in 2008
LD Lines France - Spain suspended in 2014
Limadet Ferry Morocco - Spain taken over by Comanav 2007
Linea dei Golfi Italy: Sardinia, Sicily merged with Moby Lines in 2007
Lisco Baltic Service Germany - Lithuania - Poland - Sweden taken over by DFDS Lisco in 2006
Lohals Færge Denmark: Fyn - Langeland - Omø suspended in 2008
Losinjska Plovidba Croatia - Slovenia suspended in 2006
Ma.Re.Si Shipping Malta - Italy suspended in 2007
Maritima Ferries France - Algeria/Tunisia, France: Corsica merged in Corsica Linea in 2016
Maritime Way (My Way) Italy - Greece, Greece local suspended in 2007
Marlines Italy - Albania suspended in 2006
Marmara Lines Italy - Turkey suspended in 2011
Master Ferries Norway - Denmark taken over by Fjord Line in 2009
Med Lines Romania - Turkey suspended in 2006
Medex Lines Gibraltar - Algeciras suspended in 2012
Mediteranska plovidba Croatia: Korčula suspended in 2011
Mediterranean Maritime Services Malta - Libya suspended in 2013
Mercur Adriatica Montenegro - Italy suspended in 2005
MES MedEuropean Seaways Italy - Turkey suspended in 2008
Miniotis Lines Greece - Turkey operated service 2006 by Ertürk Lines
Moura Company Capo Verde inter island service interrupted since 2010
MRF Møre og Romsdal Fylkesbåtar Norway local part of Fjord1 Nordvestlandske-> Fjord1
MyFerryLink France - England suspended in 2015
Namsos Trafikkselskap Norway: Folda, Nordland merged with FosenNamsos Sjø in 2010
Narva Line Estonia - Finland suspended in 2008
Nautas al-Maghreb Morocco - Spain taken over by Balearia 2007
Navirail Estonia - Finland taken over by DFDS in 2016
Nedlines Netherlands - England suspended in 2007
NeKo Seaways Denmark (Bornholm) - Poland suspended in 2008
NEL Lines Greece: Northeast Aegean, Cyclades suspended in 2015
Nordic Jetline Estland - Finland suspended in 2009, -> Nordic Coast Line
Norfolkline Channel, Irish Sea taken over by DFDS in 2010
NorseMerchant Ferries England - France (Channel) taken over by Norfolkline in 2006
Olympia Line Russia - Turkey - Georgia Service only in 2012/2013
Orveline Norway - Sweden suspended in 2009
OTLS Italy - Lebanon bankrupt in 2005
OVDS Norway: Lofoten, Vesterålen taken over by Hurtigruten in 2006
P&O Irish Sea England/Wales - Northern Ireland/Ireland renamed P&O Ferries
Paradise Cruise & Ferry Russia - Georgia - Turkey operation only 2014
Paxos Flying Dolphins Greece: Ionian Islands suspended in 2007
Phoenix Marine Greece - Turkey since 2016 Dodecanese Flying Dolphins
Reduan Ferry Spain - Morocco suspended in 2008
Reederei Ostsee-Tour Germany: Rügen taken over by Adler-Schiffe in 2013
RG Line Finland - Sweden bankrupt 2012 -> Wasaline
Riga Sea Line Latvia - Sweden (Riga-Stockholm) suspended in 2006
Saga Line Denmark - Norway suspended in 2005
Samsø Linien Denmark: Samsø taken over by Samsøfærgen 2010
Saremar Italy: Sardinia, La Maddalena suspended in 2016 (-> Delcomar)
Sarı Denizcilik Turkey - Russia suspended in 2015
Sea Lines Black Sea renamed Stena SeaLine
Sea Service Greece - Turkey suspended in 2012
Sea Wind Line Sweden - Finland taken over by Tallink in 2008
SeaFrance England - France (Channel) bankrupt 2011/2012 -> My Ferry Link
Sealine Greece - Turkey, Turkey suspended in 2015
Senjafergene Norway: Vesterålen suspended in 2015
Silja Line Finland - Sweden, Finland: Åland Islands taken over by Tallink in 2008
Sisa Shipping Line Turkey - Egypt/Israel, Egypt - Saudi Arabia service suspended in 2013
Skenderbeg Lines Italy - Albania suspended in 2008
SNAP Navigazione Italy: Ponziane, Ischia suspended in 2014
SNCM Meditèrranée France - Algeria/Tunisia, France: Corsica taken over by MCM/Maritima Ferries in 2016
SpeedFerries England - France (Channel) suspended in 2008
SSC Ferries Estonia - Latvia (Saaremaa) suspended in 2009
Stella Lines Finnland - Russia suspended in 2009
STM Cabo Verde inter island out of service since 2014
Strintzis Ferries Greece: Ionian Islands suspended in 2013
Sundbusserne Sweden - Denmark taken over by ACE Link in 2007, refounded 2010
SuperSeaCat Finland - Estland suspended in 2008
Swansea Cork Ferries Ireland - Wales suspended in 2007 -> Fastnet Line
Søby-Mommark Ruten Denmark: Søby - Mommark taken over by Ærøfærgerne in 2010
T-Link di Navigazione Italy: Sardinia suspended in 2011
Tamer Tours Turkey - Greece suspended in 2009
TFDS Troms Fylkes Dampskibsselskap Norway: Troms, Fylkens taken over by Hurtigruten in 2006
Tide Norway local renamed Norled in 2011
Tilos 21st Century Greece: Dodecanese Islands suspended in 2014
Transeuropa Ferries Belgium - England suspended in 2013
Transmacor Portugal: Azores inter island merged 2015 with Atlanticoline
Transmanche Ferries France - England part of DFDS since 2014
Tuninha Cabo Verde inter island out of service since 2014
Turkish Maritime Lines Turkey local suspended in 2005
Ustica Lines Italy: Eolie, Egadi, Pelagie, Pantelleria, Ustica merged with Siremar to Liberty Lines 2016
Ventouris Sea Lines Greece: Cyclades suspended in 2015
Veronica Line Italy - Albania suspended in 2008
Victoria Ship Management Ukraine - Turkey suspended in 2009
Visemar Line Italy - Egypt - Syria suspended in 2011
Wilhelmshaven Helgoland Linie Germany: Helgoland - Wilhelmshaven suspended in 2011
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