Archive of Ferry Operators in Europe

On this page you will find the names of European operators that have been dissolved, bought up, or simply renamed since 2005.

ACE link Sweden - Denmark closed down in 2010
Adriatic Seaways Italy - Greece closed down in 2005
Adriatica Traghetti Italy - Albania closed down in 2011
Agemar Italy - Albania closed down in 2010
Agoudimos Lines Italy - Greece, Greece local closed down in 2014
AirSea Lines Greece: Ionian Islands (air plane) operating 2006+2007
Alicost Italy: Ischia part of Alilauro
Alpha Ferries Greece local suspended 2009
Anedin Linjen Sweden - Åland Islands suspended 2012
Anen Lines Greece: Ionian Islands suspended 2008
AnRussTrans Russia: Baltic Sea; Black Sea only freight suspended 2012
AT Ferries Spain - England service only in 2006, owned by Acciona
AVE Line Latvia - Germany closed down in 2010
Azzurra Line Italy - Croatia/Montenegro/Albania suspended in 2010
Baltfinn Russia: St. Petersburg - Kaliningrad taken over by DFDS Lisco in 2007
Baltic Scandinavian Lines Estonia - Sweden taken over by DFDS in 2011
Blue Ice Explorer Greenland: no boat transfers suspended 2016
Bluemar Ferries Spain: Barcelona coastal suspended 2016
Boschwad Netherlands: Ameland - Schiermonnikoog suspended in 2006
Buquebus España Spain - Ceuta/Africa taken over by Balearia in 2008
C-Link Ferries Greece: Cyclades, Kriti suspended in 2005
Celtic Link France - Ireland taken over by Stena Line 2014
Clermont Germany: Wismar taken over by Adler Schiffe in 2010
CNAN Maghreb Lines Algeria - Spain/France no passenger service since 2007
Comanav Morocco - Spain/France operated by Comarit since 2010
Comarit Morocco - Spain closed down in 2012
Comarship - IMTC Morocco - Spain no passenger service since 2007
Commodore Cruises Slovenia/Croatia - Italy suspended in 2015
Cretan Lines Greece: Crete operation only 2012
Cunda Lines Turkey - Greece suspended in 2012
Dane Sea Line Greece local taken over by Blue Star Ferries 2005
Deniz Cruise & Ferry Lines Turkey local suspended in 2009
DFDS Lisco Germany - Lithuania - Sweden renamed DFDS Seaways in 2010
DimaioLines Italy: Sardinia formerly EnerMaR, service susp. 2010
Egnatia Seaways Italy - Greece suspended 2015
Emeraude Jersey Ferries France - Jersey Island closed down in 2006
Emilia Romagna Lines Italy - Croatia, Italy local closed down in 2013
EMMC Italy - Greece suspended in 2017
Endeavour Lines Greece - Italy closed down 2012
EneRmaR Trasporti Italy: La Maddalena ferry service by Maddalena Lines from 2014
Euroferries France - England closed down in 2011
EuroFerrys Morocco - Spain taken over by Acciona in 2010
European Sealines Greece - Italy, Italy local suspended in 2011
Fastnet Line Wales - Ireland closed down in 2011
Favret, Agenzia Italy - Slovenia - Croatia closed down in 2010
Fergün Shipping Northern Cyprus - Turkey closed down in 2013
Ferrimaroc Morocco - Spain taken over and closed by Acciona in 2010
FFR Troms/Finnmark Norway local part of Boreal Transport Norge (Veolia)
First Beirut Lines (OTLS) Italy - Lebanon bankrupt in 2005
Fosen Traffikklag Norway local merged with FosenNamsos Sjø in 2010
Fragline Ferries Greece - Italy suspended in 2007
Fylkesbaatane Norway local part of Fjord1 Nordvestlandske
Færgeselskabet Vestsjælland Denmark: Sjælland, Langeland, Fyn split into separate local operators in 2011
G Lines Italy - Albania suspended in 2008
G.A. Ferries Greece: Cyclades, Dodecanese, Sporades suspended in 2008
Garajonay Exprés Spain: Tenerife - La Gomera suspended in 2008, routes operated by Fred.Olsen until 2012
GLD Atlantique France - Spain since 2011 part of LD Lines
GLD Lines France - Italy suspended in 2009
GoInSardinia Italy: Sardinia suspended 2014, bankrupt 2015
Gotlandsbåten Sweden: Gotland suspended in 2017
GTT Ferries Tunisia - Libya suspended in 2011
HD Ferries France - Channel Islands suspended in 2008
Helgelandske Norway local part of Boreal Transport Norge (Veolia)
Hellas Speed Cat Greece: Sporades suspended in 2017
Hellenic Mediterranean Lines Greece - Italy taken over by Endeavour Lines 2006
HH Ferries Sweden - Denmark taken over by Scandlines/Stena Line in 2010, closed down 2015
Hoverspeed English Channel suspended in 2005
Ilion Lines Italy - Albania closed down in 2011
Intershipping Bulgaria - Georgia - Russia (Silklink) suspended in 2010
Ionis Ferries Greece: Saronic Islands taken over by Leve Ferries 2016
Irish Sea Express Dublin - Liverpool closed down in 2005
Iscomar Ferries Spain: Balearic Islands closed down in 2016
Italian Ferries Italy - Greece closed down in 2005
Italtrag Italy: Livorno - Sardinia suspended in 2009
Kallisti Ferries Greece: Ikaria, Samos suspended in 2010
Kattegatruten Denmark: Aarhus-Kalundborg suspended in 2013
Kosova Sealines Italy - Albania suspended in 2007
Kystekspressen Norway local merged with FosenNamsos in 2013
KystLink Norway - Denmark - Sweden suspended in 2009
Larivera Lines Italy - Croatia suspended in 2008
LD Lines France - Spain suspended in 2014
Limadet Ferry Morocco - Spain taken over by Comanav 2007
Linea dei Golfi Italy: Sardinia, Sicily merged with Moby Lines in 2007
Linijska Nacionalna Plovidba dd Croatia: Split disdrict suspended in 2018
Lisco Baltic Service Germany - Lithuania - Poland - Sweden taken over by DFDS Lisco in 2006
Lohals Færge Denmark: Fyn - Langeland - Omø suspended in 2008
Losinjska Plovidba Croatia - Slovenia suspended in 2006
Ma.Re.Si Shipping Malta - Italy suspended in 2007
Maritima Ferries France - Algeria/Tunisia, France: Corsica merged in Corsica Linea in 2016
Maritime Way (My Way) Italy - Greece, Greece local suspended in 2007
Marlines Italy - Albania suspended in 2006
Marmara Lines Italy - Turkey suspended in 2011
Master Ferries Norway - Denmark taken over by Fjord Line in 2009
Med Lines Romania - Turkey suspended in 2006
Medex Lines Gibraltar - Algeciras suspended in 2012
Mediteranska plovidba Croatia: Korčula suspended in 2011
Mediterranean Maritime Services Malta - Libya suspended in 2013
Mercur Adriatica Montenegro - Italy suspended in 2005
MES MedEuropean Seaways Italy - Turkey suspended in 2008
Miniotis Lines Greece - Turkey operated service 2006 by Ertürk Lines
Moura Company Capo Verde inter island service interrupted since 2010
MRF Møre og Romsdal Fylkesbåtar Norway local part of Fjord1 Nordvestlandske-> Fjord1
MyFerryLink France - England suspended in 2015
Namsos Trafikkselskap Norway: Folda, Nordland merged with FosenNamsos Sjø in 2010
Narva Line Estonia - Finland suspended in 2008
Nautas al-Maghreb Morocco - Spain taken over by Balearia 2007
Navirail Estonia - Finland taken over by DFDS in 2016
Nedlines Netherlands - England suspended in 2007
NeKo Seaways Denmark (Bornholm) - Poland suspended in 2008
NEL Lines Greece: Northeast Aegean, Cyclades suspended in 2015
Nordic Jetline Estland - Finland suspended in 2009, -> Nordic Coast Line
Norfolkline Channel, Irish Sea taken over by DFDS in 2010
NorseMerchant Ferries England - France (Channel) taken over by Norfolkline in 2006
Olympia Line Russia - Turkey - Georgia Service only in 2012/2013
Orveline Norway - Sweden suspended in 2009
OTLS Italy - Lebanon bankrupt in 2005
OVDS Norway: Lofoten, Vesterålen taken over by Hurtigruten in 2006
P&O Irish Sea England/Wales - Northern Ireland/Ireland renamed P&O Ferries
Paradise Cruise & Ferry Russia - Georgia - Turkey operation only 2014
Paxos Flying Dolphins Greece: Ionian Islands suspended in 2007
Phoenix Marine Greece - Turkey since 2016 Dodecanese Flying Dolphins
Reduan Ferry Spain - Morocco suspended in 2008
Reederei Ostsee-Tour Germany: Rügen taken over by Adler-Schiffe in 2013
RG Line Finland - Sweden bankrupt 2012 -> Wasaline
Riga Sea Line Latvia - Sweden (Riga-Stockholm) suspended in 2006
Saaremaa Laevakompanii/Tuulevard Estonia: Saaremaa, Ruhnu suspended in 2017
Saga Line Denmark - Norway suspended in 2005
Samsø Linien Denmark: Samsø taken over by Samsøfærgen 2010
Saremar Italy: Sardinia, La Maddalena suspended in 2016 (-> Delcomar)
Sea Lines Black Sea renamed Stena SeaLine
Sea Service Greece - Turkey suspended in 2012
Sea Wind Line Sweden - Finland taken over by Tallink in 2008
SeaFrance England - France (Channel) bankrupt 2011/2012 -> My Ferry Link
Sealine Greece - Turkey, Turkey suspended in 2015
Senjafergene Norway: Vesterålen suspended in 2015
Silja Line Finland - Sweden, Finland: Åland Islands taken over by Tallink in 2008
Sisa Shipping Line Turkey - Egypt/Israel, Egypt - Saudi Arabia service suspended in 2013
Skenderbeg Lines Italy - Albania suspended in 2008
SLK Ferries Estonia - Latvia (Saaremaa) suspended 2005
SNAP Navigazione Italy: Ponziane, Ischia suspended in 2014
SNCM Meditèrranée France - Algeria/Tunisia, France: Corsica taken over by MCM/Maritima Ferries in 2016
SpeedFerries England - France (Channel) suspended in 2008
SSC Ferries Estonia - Latvia (Saaremaa) suspended in 2009
Stella Lines Finnland - Russia suspended in 2009
STM Cabo Verde inter island out of service since 2014
Strintzis Ferries Greece: Ionian Islands suspended in 2013
Sundbusserne Sweden - Denmark taken over by ACE Link in 2007, refounded 2010
SuperSeaCat Finland - Estland suspended in 2008
Swansea Cork Ferries Ireland - Wales suspended in 2007 -> Fastnet Line
Søby-Mommark Ruten Denmark: Søby - Mommark taken over by Ærøfærgerne in 2010
T-Link di Navigazione Italy: Sardinia suspended in 2011
Tamer Tours Turkey - Greece suspended in 2009
TFDS Troms Fylkes Dampskibsselskap Norway: Troms, Fylkens taken over by Hurtigruten in 2006
Tide Norway local renamed Norled in 2011
Tilos 21st Century Greece: Dodecanese Islands suspended in 2014
Transeuropa Ferries Belgium - England suspended in 2013
Transmacor Portugal: Azores inter island merged 2015 with Atlanticoline
Transmanche Ferries France - England part of DFDS since 2014
Tuninha Cabo Verde inter island out of service since 2014
Turkish Maritime Lines Turkey local suspended in 2005
Ustica Lines Italy: Eolie, Egadi, Pelagie, Pantelleria, Ustica merged with Siremar to Liberty Lines 2016
Ventouris Sea Lines Greece: Cyclades suspended in 2015
Veronica Line Italy - Albania suspended in 2008
Victoria Ship Management Ukraine - Turkey suspended in 2009
Visemar Line Italy - Egypt - Syria suspended in 2011
Wilhelmshaven Helgoland Linie Germany: Helgoland - Wilhelmshaven suspended in 2011
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