Ferry Operators Near East and Africa
Azam Marine Co. Ltd EAT - Tanzania: Zanzibar, Pemba
El Salam Maritime Transport ET - Egypt - Saudi Arabia - Jordan
La Pespes / High Jet ET Egypt - Saudi Arabia
Namma Shipping Lines ET - Egypt - Saudi Arabia - Sudan, SERVICE NOT CONFIRMED
Red Sea Jet ET - Egypt - Saudi Arabia, SERVICE SUSPENDED
SGTM F - Mayotte - Comores - Madagascar
Sovereign Ferries Ltd GB - Sierra Leone local ferries, start in 12/2016
St. Helena Line Ltd. GB - South Africa - St. Helena - Ascension
Rodofluvial GNB - Guinea-Bissau: Bijagos Islands
Equatorial Guinean local ferries GNQ - Equatorial Guinea - Cameroun
Lakshadweep Cruises IND - India: Lakshadweep Islands Cruise
Valfajr 8 Shipping Co. IR - Iran - UAE, Kuwait
AB Maritime JOR - Jordan - Egypt
Meenagate JOR - Jordan - Egypt
Baaboud Trading & Shipping KSA - Saudi Arabia - Sudan
International Fast Ferries KSA - Egypt - Saudi Arabia, SERVICE SUSPENDED
Macna Ltd. KSA - Saudi Arabia: Farasan Island. Ferry passage is free.
Combined Shipping Co. KWT - Kuwait - Iran
Mauritius Shipping Co. Ltd. MS - Mauritius - Madagascar - Réunion
National Ferries Co. OM Oman - Iran; Oman local
Sierra Leone local ferries SLE - Sierra Leone local
Senegalesan local ferries SN - Senegal local ferries
São Toméan local ferries STP - São Tomé - Príncipe, Gabon
Cat Cocos SY - Seychelles inter island
Inter Island Ferry Pty Ltd SY - Seychelles inter island
UAE Dep. of Transport UAE - United Arabic Emirates
Robben Island Ferry ZAF - South Africa local

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