St.Peter Line and Moby Lines with new cruise product

St.Peter Line ferry company and the largest Italian ferry operator Moby Lines has signed a merger agreement in November 2016. As a result of synergy of two brands there will appear a new cruise product, which will contains the rich experience of Italian culture and saving the best traditions of Russian hospitality.
In addition to change the general cruise concept, it will be absolutely new schedule. After departure from St. Petersburg (every Sunday), the ferry will arrive to Helsinki on Monday only for 1.5 hours and the same day it will depart to Tallinn. Therefore, in fact the second city of entry for Russians will be Tallinn. And on the second day the ferry will arrive to Stockholm and then to Helsinki. Since Thursday to Friday the ferry will stay in St. Petersburg as a hotel for foreign passengers, who arrive to the Northern Capital of Russia for 72 visa free hours. Since Friday to Sunday the ferry will be following the route: St. Petersburg - Helsinki - St. Petersburg. The new cruise product will be launched in April 2017 with the MS Princess Anastasia. The second vessel Princess Maria was sold to Moby Lines operating as Moby Dada.