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Cabo Verde Fast Ferry to be liquidated?

With the invitation of tenders for the single concession of Cabo Verde inter-island shipping, Cape Verde Fast Ferry, 53% state-owned, is expected to be liquidated, confirmed the Minister of Tourism, Transport and Maritime Economy, José Gonçalves, confirmed on 19.03.2018. Owners of the ships Kriola, Liberdade and Praia d'Aguada, Cabo Verde Fast Ferry has been operating in the red since 2013. This announcement comes at a time when the Cape Verdean shipping company has just qualified for the second phase of the international competition launched by the Executive for the concession of inter-island maritime operations - of which the winner will be announced in May. In fact, it is the only operator of the branch in Cape Verde to continue into the next phase.
In the meantime, the Government hopes to have the ships operating until October in the Cape Verde Seas, that is, three months after the deadline of the tender.