Despite COVID-19 with ferries in summer vacation 2021!

Many holydaymaker are unsure: can you still take a ferry on vacation in 2021? Yes, you can!
Many travel restrictions are currently being relaxed by COVID-19 because the number of cases are falling in many countries. So borders are reopened and restrictions relaxed, e.g. Quarantine on entry / return. The EU is working on a Digital Green Certificate.
Meanwhile many shipping companies have published their schedules for this summer, some of them reduced, and some are already at full capacity. Many shipping companies usually require a vaccination certificate (14 days after the second dose), a 72-hour PCR test or a 24-hour rapid test or a 24-hour self-test or a certificate of illness and carry out appropriate controls of the mentioned documents. General information can be found here:
On only the regular timetables; not all current deviations due to Corona can be taken into account. With 930 active shipping operators in our database, we are unfortunately unable to incorporate temporary changes. (21.05.2021).