Algérie Ferries developes ferry network along his coastline

Algerian Transport Minister Mr Boujema launched 10/2015 a new coastal route between Alger and Béjaïa as part of a network of local ferry services along Algeria’s 1,600 kilometres of coastline ( has reported). After the success of this line Algérie Ferries (ENTMV) has deployed new lines according to the programm "Transport Maritime Urbain". This programm was split in two lines:
- Alger centre: Alger - Djamila (La Madrague) - Cherchell
- Alger est: Alger - Azeffoun (planned) - Béjaïa - Jijel (planned).
The coastal transport service should avoid road traffic and lead to beautiful destinations (like marvelous Jijelian cornice etc).