SNCM is renamed in Maritima Ferries

The new commercial name for SNCM has been announced: Maritima Ferries.
SNCM (Société nationale maritime Corse Méditerranée) was sold from waste group Veolia and French state bank CDC to Corsican entrepreneur Patrick Rocca in November 2015. It had been under court of Marseilles since 2014. Rocca's offer specifies he will keep 873 of the 1,500 jobs at SNCM and leave SNCM's management in place.
SNCM operates in cooperation with French ferry operator La Méridionale and Tunisian CTN.
In 2015 the route network of SNCM had been slightly thinned: as Corsica is operated only from Marseille (instead of as previously also from Toulon and Nice).