New Chilean ferry route along the southern coast.

Since 2016, Transbordadora Austral Broom has been responsible for connecting the most southern Chilean regions Aysén and Magallanes by ferry, fulfilling an old dream of inhabitants of both regions. On a 41-hour trip, the ferry Crux Australis rides past beautiful southern landscapes that can carry up to 100 passengers on reclining seats, and offers a coffee shop, tv screens, audio systems and entertainment for kids. This ferry route links Puerto Yungay in the north with Puerto Natales in the south with intermediate stops at Caleta Tortel and Puerto Edén. The trip is provided around three times monthly and is subsidized by the Chilean government with special rates for local residents.
Austral Broom provides additional ferry lines in the Región de Magallanes and de la Antártica Chilena.