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Algérie Ferries developes ferry network along his coastline

Algerian Transport Minister Mr Boujema launched 10/2015 a new coastal route between Alger and Béjaïa as part of a network of local ferry services along Algeria’s 1,600 kilometres of coastline (ferrylines.com has reported). After the success of this line Algérie Ferries (ENTMV) has deployed new lines according to the programm "Transport Maritime Urbain". This programm was split in two lines:
- Alger centre: Alger - Djamila (La Madrague) - Cherchell
- Alger est: Alger - Azeffoun (planned) - Béjaïa - Jijel (planned).
The coastal transport service should avoid road traffic and lead to beautiful destinations (like marvelous Jijelian cornice etc).