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Ferry service launched between North Korea and Russia

A cargo and passenger vessel opened a ferry link between Russia and North Korea. The RoPax ferry Man Gyong Bong launched the link between the ports of Rajin (DPRK) and Vladivostok (Russia) since May 2017. The general agent InvestStroiTrest announced the voyage of the 90-mile ride is running 9-10 hours. The ship will leave the port of Rajin at 19:00 (local time). After a two-day stay in the port the ship will leave the port. When staying at both ports the passengers are provided with accommodation and catering services on board the ship. The Man Gyong Bong is able to accommodate 193 passengers in 40 cabins. It offers a restaurant, two bars, a store and a sauna. Three cargo holds have space for 1,500 t of cargo, 24 containers and vehicles.
The ferry also serves the North Korean ports Vonsan and Kymgansan from Rajin.