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Corsica Ferries to open a new line France-Sicily in 2019

Corsica Ferries will open a new ferry connection from Southern France to Sicily. The new route will launch 21 April 2019 linking Toulon shifting with Nice and Trapani, a small port placed on the western coast of Sicily (100 km from Palermo).
"The new route", according to what Corsica Ferries said in a statement, “will be operated overnight with some of its fast ferries. It will take 19 hours to link France and Sicily and the frequency is expected to be twice per week. Although the crossing will be largely direct", said the ship owner Pierre Mattei, "but there are stops for some departures in Corsica and Sardinia". The crossing will be at night and the arrival is scheduled in the late morning or mid-afternoon.
Ticket booking is open since September 2018 and will cost € 85.67 for a car and a passenger.